Body Treatments

We use the latest technology and the most effective techniques to help you obtain the body of your dreams. Call us today for a free consultation.

Prices per 60-minute session

Signature Services

  • Cavitation and LipoLaser$75

    Cavitation and Lipolaser are effective technology that help your body eliminate excess fat without surgery! We created this treatment with both techniques to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

  • Sudatonic$100

    Infrared technology is applied to make the body lose extra weight and also to relax body muscles.

  • Varicose Veins Reduction$125

    Our chemical peels reduce the reddish or bluish colors on varicose veins and protects healthy capillary veins against new ruptures.

Beauty Enhancers

  • Light Underarm $25

    Reduces dark appearance of underarms that results from shaving.

  • Beautiful Back$50 - $75

    Our effective treatment combines chemical peels, intense exfoliation and radio frequency to give your back the clear appearance that you desire.

  • Light Inner-Thigh $55

    Reduces dark appearance of inner thighs. You will be able to wear your shorts without problem!

  • Young Hands $55

    An effective treatment designed to rejuvenate the hands.

  • Mud Treatment$75

    A treatment of mineral-rich mud and warm wraps to help your body release harmful toxins.

  • Full Body Exfoliation$60

    Full-body exfoliation with a seaweed mask and mineral mud or sugar followed by a relaxation massage and ending with a shower.

Specialty Treatments

  • Psoriasis Treatment $120

    Our dermatological product for Psoriasis is made with aloe vera and ginger extract help build a lipid layer on the skin which moisturizes, reduces scalps and regenerates damaged cells.

  • Vitiligo Treatment$125

    We treat melanin with a peeling rich in antioxidants that stimulates melanin production and regenerated the skin.

  • Alopecia & Hair Loss$125

    Special treatment based on chemical peels that help prevent hair loss and also that restore hair to people with alopecia.

  • Teeth Whitening$100

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